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Revolutionizing Agriculture: Re-Basket's USD 20 Million Hunger Pledge

In a historic commitment towards eradicating hunger, Re-Basket proudly announced a USD 20 million pledge as part of the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge, a global initiative aligning businesses with the mission to achieve zero hunger by 2030. This ambitious undertaking, in partnership with the World Food Program, reflects Re-Basket's dedication to transforming agriculture in Africa and fostering food security through precision solutions.


Re-Basket's Hunger Pledge is not just a financial commitment; it's a revolutionary approach to reshaping the agricultural landscape in Africa. This transformative initiative stands as a testament to the company's vision, where precision agriculture solutions become accessible to every smallholder farmer. The pledge intertwines technological innovation, sustainability, and a profound sense of responsibility towards communities.

The Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge The Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge beckons companies to invest, innovate, and collaborate to reshape the global food system. Re-Basket, standing among the pioneers, has pledged USD 20 million towards sustainable solutions aimed at smallholder farmers in Africa. This aligns seamlessly with the company's overarching goal of ensuring access to precision agriculture solutions for every farmer,

Implementing Partner: World Food Program

Re-Basket strategically partnered with the World Food Program (WFP) as its implementing partner for the Hunger Pledge. This partnership amplifies the impact, leveraging WFP's extensive expertise in reaching vulnerable communities. Together, Re-Basket and WFP aim to deliver meaningful change, empowering farmers and communities across the African continent.

Africa Farming With AI: A Vision Unveiled

The pledge not only embodies financial support but also introduces Africa Farming With AI (AFWAI), a groundbreaking initiative by Re-Basket. AFWAI seeks to create a syllabus of zero-cost farming tailored for Africa, revolutionizing agricultural practices. This visionary approach, championed by Re-Basket's CEO Pardon Mukoyi, aims to empower farmers to practice maximum-profit farming without the burden of costs.

Doubling Africa's Food Production: AFWAI's Promise

AFWAI, coupled with Re-Basket's precision agriculture solutions, holds the potential to double Africa's food production. By providing tailored education, resources, and technological advancements, AFWAI becomes a catalyst for sustainable agriculture, leading to unprecedented yields and transforming underutilized land into vibrant food sources.

Impact Unleashed: AFWAI's Gigatons of Change

Re-Basket's commitment extends beyond financial contributions. Through AFWAI, the impact is monumental—gigatons of carbon emissions are eliminated, hunger is compromised at an unprecedented scale, and a transformative approach to environmental restoration emerges. Re-Basket's venture isn't just a solution; it's a paradigm shift in agriculture.


As Re-Basket steps into the future with its Hunger Pledge, the company invites stakeholders, partners, and the global community to join hands. Together, we can make zero hunger a reality, creating a sustainable and thriving future for farmers across Africa and beyond. For a deeper insight into this transformative journey, visit the Zero Hunger Private Sector Pledge's official website Hunger pledge official website.

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    Thabo Mokone

    Re-Basket is the beacon of hope for farmers like me. Finally, precision agriculture is reaching every corner of Africa n me as a farmer, I can't thank Re-Basket enough. The Zero Hunger Pledge is a game-changer for our communities.

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      Nandi Khumalo

      Seeing the impact of Re-Basket's initiatives firsthand - it's nothing short of revolutionary. Kudos.

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        Oliver Thompson

        here! Re-Basket's hunger pledge is not just a commitment, it's a lifeline for our farmers.

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      Terens Smith

      Our team has a passion for making things with real value. This has led us to assemble a multi-talented group that can do just about anything: from building sets to photographing food, crafting websites to developing apps, beautiful design to adventure cinematography. Designers, engineers, creatives, makers, developers, artists, unite.

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    Re-Basket's initiatives are not just about agriculture; they're about hope and prosperity.

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