About Re-basket-CropSense: Precision Agronomy Advisor

Welcome to the extraordinary realm of Re-Basket, where innovation dances with agriculture. Behold Re-Basket-CropSense: Precision Agronomy Advisor! Our groundbreaking service, fueled by the magic of AI and advanced data analytics, heralds a new era in precision agronomy, transforming farms into realms of unparalleled productivity and sustainability.

In the enchanting tapestry of African agriculture, Re-Basket emerges as a beacon, weaving dreams of abundance and prosperity. As we stand on the brink of making CropSense accessible to every farmer across the African continent, our goal transcends innovation—it's a mission. We envision a landscape where every farmer, from the sun-kissed fields of Senegal to the fertile valleys of Ethiopia, harnesses the power of data-driven wisdom.

Our journey began not in a lab, but amidst the very challenges farmers face daily. We walked the fields, listened to the wind's stories, and felt the pulse of the soil. Identifying real-world problems, we embarked on a quest to craft solutions that resonate with the heartbeat of communities. This is more than technology; it's a symphony of understanding, a dance with the earth, and a commitment to elevate the lives of those who till it.

Re-Basket's genesis lies in the stories of resilient farmers, the whispers of ancient landscapes, and the dreams of a continent craving prosperity. Join us on this odyssey, where technology meets tradition, and innovation meets intuition. Together, let's cultivate a future where every seed sown is a promise fulfilled, and every harvest is a testament to the magic that happens when agriculture embraces the extraordinary.



Embark on a journey where technology meets the soil, as Re-Basket's CropSense harnesses the mystical powers of satellite imagery, soil pH, temperature, humidity, and NPK data. Our AI alchemists weave these elements into a tapestry of unparalleled precision, achieving an awe-inspiring accuracy rate of over 97%. Witness the alchemical dance of nature and technology, redefining the future of farming with insights that transcend imagination.

As the hands of innovation dig deep into the earth, CropSense becomes the wizardry behind sustainable agriculture. Beyond the surface, our AI delves into the intricate dance of microorganisms, understanding their whispers in the soil. It deciphers the nuanced language of plant-microbe interactions, crafting a narrative of symbiosis. Through this, we not only optimize yields but also foster a harmony between nature's symphony and the melody of productivity. CropSense, a portal to a future where farming is not just an occupation but a poetic dialogue with the land.


Problem Statement:

In the enchanting landscape of Africa, a tale unfolds—a tale of hunger's relentless grip, climate change's malevolent dance, and the devastating impacts on a continent yearning for prosperity. Picture this: hunger shackles millions, climate change unravels ecosystems, and monoculture eg for maize in Zimbabwe weaves a tapestry of environmental woes. Lack of knowledge and resources entwine farmers in a struggle for sustenance. Our mission at Re-Basket is to rewrite this narrative, where data reveals staggering numbers—a symphony of hunger affecting millions, climate change wreaking havoc on critical ecosystems, and traditional practices leading to despair. As we illuminate this tale, let the unmatched magic of Re-Basket unfold—a beacon of hope against these staggering odds.

Our team has a passion for making things with real value. This has led us to assemble a multi-talented group that can do just about anything: from building sets to photographing food, crafting websites to developing apps, beautiful design to adventure cinematography. Designers, engineers, creatives, makers, developers, artists, unite. Let’s do something real-special together.


Impact Unleashed: Cultivating Change

In the face of climate chaos, Re-Basket's AI recommendation engines become the saviors, guiding smallholder farmers to resilient indigenous crops that brave the storm. Witness the transformation of barren lands into climate-resilient havens, as our recommendation engines usher in a paradigm shift, mitigating climate change impacts.

For farmers without inputs, a phoenix rises—zero-cost indigenous fruit tree farming, a spectacle orchestrated by Re-Basket's recommendation engines. Say goodbye to monoculture woes as AI whispers the secrets of diversity, increasing yields by a mesmerizing 30 to 40%. The era of low yields due to lack of knowledge fades into the background, as Re-Basket's insights and solutions create a symphony of abundance, echoing through the fields of change.

Providing solutions for free since 2021, Re-Basket empowers smallholder farmers with economic benefits beyond imagination. Our AI recommendation engines catalyze transformative change, turning barren lands into resilient havens.


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